New Energy Fuels Explosive Momentum to Elect Independents in 2018

We are seeing new energy in our campaign to elect independent candidates nationwide.

The Associated Press on Thursday featured the Centrist Project's efforts to recruit and support independent candidates in 2018: "Washington infighting breeds new independent candidates."

Shutdown Politics

The partisan blame game over the government shutdown misses a larger point: the underlying system that incentivizes zero-sum, partisan politics is fundamentally broken and needs reform.

Here Come the Independents

In late December, incumbent Colorado State Senator Cheri Jahn became the latest incumbent elected official to leave her party, saying, "I didn’t change, the system changed. This system is terribly broken."

More and more candidates are stepping up to join her:

In Case You Missed It 

The opportunity and need for independent leadership continues to grow.

Transformational change is at our fingertips.